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Disk Space Analyzer 2.4

24-12-2017, 00:10 0
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Disk Space Analyzer 2.4
Disk Space Analyzer 2.4 | macOS | 7 mb

Disk Space Analyzer is the best tool to find out what is taking up your Hard Drive space. It is a disk visualizer, which shows each folder size on a sunburst disk chart. When your startup disk is almost full and you need to quickly free up space on Mac, the disk storage analyzer will help you to view the drive usage map, find the largest folders and remove the old unneeded data.

The disk scanner will visualize hard drive space as sectors and subsectors on a sunburst diagram, and the folders will be filled in different colors to simplify recognition. Size of sectors are calculated respectively to total disk size. Every folder could be navigated the same manner as a drive's root. So without any additional efforts you can get clues to the biggest "space eaters".
OS X 10.8 or later 64-bit




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